Wade started his professional career as a geologist in his home state of Virginia.  Disenfranchised with life, he sold his belongings and headed to the upcountry of Maui to work on a permaculture farm in exchange for room and board.  It was there that Wade began to cultivate his childhood dream of being an artist.  Wanting to go back to the mainland to make something of himself, Wade headed for the mountains of Colorado.  After hanging his art on the walls of mountain coffee shops and restaurants, Wade landed a show at a small salon gallery space.  This show would ultimately lead to an exhilarating career in the tattoo industry.  Seven and half years later, Wade once again felt it was time for a change and returned to the upcountry of Maui to regrow the roots of his original goals as an artist.  He now lives and works out of his home studio in Haiku.